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Year One

Year Released: 1999
Format: 7"
Label: System Untitled
Reviewed by Mark Skold on Jun 13, 2007
You would not believe how cheap stuff is in America. While looking for some old Dillinger Four EPs, I stumbled across the name Bedford. While remembering how much everyone loved the "Million Ways to Spend My Time" record, picking up this thing for 1 dollar (about 60 of your English pence) seemed like the thing to do. Even if it sucked, I could use it as a frisbee. And it doesn't suck.

The lowdown, five songs by those Pennsylvania nerds, including a great cover of the Happy Days theme song ("these days are oooooooouuuuuuurs..."). This record is no departure from their previous efforts (from what I have heard anyway), but why fix something that isn't fucked up? Their singer soemtimes looks like Buddy Holly and he sounds like Buddy Holly at times. The music is still the upbeat pop driven jumpy tunes, and the Bedford style is there. The ocasional shouts from the background, the kind of wavey lead vocals, the feedback before and after most of the songs... you know the drill.

There aren't really any standout songs, but then again there aren't any that are shit. The whole thing blends together really well. So I guess that seeing as I like the whole thing, that must mean that all of the songs on it are good. I came to it eventually...

I doubt you are going to find this for the most excellent deal that I got it for, unless you rip off some old lady for money, or steal it from the record shop. Don't do that, because it's naughty, but it's gonna be worth pretty much whatever is being asked for it.

Unless you get some dick who reads this review, and tries to charge you 15 quid for it or something. Then don't bother. I'll send you a tape.

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