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Black Cat #13


Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: King Of The Monsters
Reviewed by Shawn Cameron on Jun 13, 2007
i've been anxiously awaiting this for a long time. since i heard a few mp3's from their page. i needed a tangible black cat #13 record. this is their first in a slew of upcoming releases. 4 songs on white vinyl. pleasant for the eyes and pleasant for the ears. onto the music, definitely has the threeoneg feel to it but with a few slight changes (most noticeable are the girl vocals).

they take influence from the same groups as the locust but alter them. the keyboard melodies are present, the constant singing is there, as is the controlled chaos. black cat #13, although easily compared to the locust, are nothing like them. i'm sure that many people will try to label this as yet another locust rip-off, but they cannot.

we have equal sexes here with two females and two males (which makes a nice change from your typical san diego band). shortwave channel and camera obscura being the only other exceptions. and yes, this band does have some ex members of the crimson curse and standing 8, but this is definitely a new venture. and definitely worth owning, or at least a listen to on their homepage. it's nice to see threeoneg sign some wonderful bands. upcoming projects include : split 7" in project icarus series, 7" and record on threeoneg and songs on several comps.

note: black cat #13 are the first band that are not from san diego to be on threeoneg. they are from ontario canada. oh yeah!

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