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Hot (-) Fast (+) Union

Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: slowdime
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Woah. Far be it from me to gush over packaging (me? do that? never!) but this is one of the most gorgeously packaged CD's I ever did saw. For starters, the disc itself is SEE THROUGH! Oh man! You've gotst to get yourself a see-thru CD some time, they look so cool! The metal bit is in the middle, and the rest of it is regular plastic. And the insert design is simple and effective in a lovely shade of orangey gold. Neat.

Now for the less important aspect of this release - the music. Bluetip are very good. I saw them play in Cambridge earlier this year and was suitably impressed. Farrell is energetic and effective singer. And too damn handsome for his own good. Jealous? Nah. Bastard. But yeah! Bluetip played a super cool set of their rocking DC rock-a-rock-rock, and I went home happy. And you too can go home happy! With a copy of this 5 track CD. 18 minutes of that angular guitar rock and roll that Farrell sassily talk/sings over in that distinctive style. All the while they are dissing you with dualing guitar and that classic DC groove bass, Bluetip = DC and to hell with the rest of the nation of the United States of fucking A! To simply put it, if Burning Airlines is your bag, Bluetip is your favourite pair of shoes. Comfy, and familiar, yet always fun to wear! And sometimes you can't be bothered to play around with the laces, you just slip them on and off! And you hate it when you get Bluetip covered in dog poo! Don't you just love a dumb ass analogy!

Well, they didn't change direction since the "Join Us" LP, so if you liked that, here's 5 more songs to play loud and dance around the room to. They do a Damned cover, and it rocks my butt off - best thing on here. And one song is mixed by - J Robbins. Oh shock me now why don't you. Goddamn DC.

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