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Bob Tilton - Reiziger


Year Released: 1999
Format: LP
Label: Genet
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Crumbs, it's the return of UK emo legends Tilton, although not for long. They share this 12" disk of black plastique with Belgium's Van Pelt-alikes, Reiziger.

After some initial confusion due to Genet putting the stickers on the wrong sides, I was underway. The 'ziger offer up two cuts, the first being "Aren't We Detecting part II", an extremely schizophrenic number. Starts off with some ambient noise then kicks into hardcore and then into that "Sultans of Sentiment" guitar sound which Reiziger have (It's hard to describe dammit! Oh go on, sort of warm, smooth, calming) and the urgent talked vocals. Then you get more ambient noise as the song finishes. Actually, it flows straight into the other track "Satan Fears Reiziger" (rock!), and allows the band to display far more invention and sense of dynamic than they do on their most recent album. Darker, and by turns more agressive, it switches seamlessly between crunchy, high impact hardcore and the jangly spoken verse, everything building in power as it grooves a long. At least it does until everything levels off and heads into a bleak, mainly instrumental section that goes on forever, sometimes with words. This is how I would want this band to always sound. Nod slowly to the pretty bits, rock back and forth violently to the screamo destruction.

If you refer to the Radio 4 review I have done just earlier, you'll find me bemoaning the lack of a shipping forecast on their record. Well, low and behold, coincidence of coincidences, Bob Tilton correct that with the very well spoken man running through that long flowing list of strange names and numbers right at the end of their first instrumental track. It reminds me of Pele without any of the electronics or keyboards for a while, at least until they bring in some beautiful string sounds. And a man reading the shipping news over the top. The second instrumental track is a remix I presume, because it says on the insert that "Leading Hotels Of The World" was remixed by some guy. The insert also displays lots of people in hats. This track has got lots of funny electronic noises amidst the soundscape, especially at the beginning. It's faster than the other track on here, and has trumpet too. Should be on the soundtrack to a film, I could definitely imagine this being played over a sophisticated car chase. It'd have to be the goodie of the film chasing after an extremely rich baddie across a very flat piece of land in high class motors. When the song goes all slow, that could when the baddie loses control and crashes spectacularly in slow motion, and the goodie drives off again over the horizon, when the pace picks up. Roll the credits! I got it planned. Gimme a call Hollywood, you got my number.

And oh yeah, let the Tilton side keep playing after you think it's finished, cos there's some darts commentary on it. "One hundred". Bizarre.

Not essential, not an introduction to Bob Tilton, but an interesting record that won't disappoint you if you know what you're in for.

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