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Boris the Sprinkler

(She Digs My) New Wave Records

Year Released: 1999
Format: 7"
Label: Mutant Pop
Reviewed by Ian Cavell on Jun 13, 2007
I have to say that these Mutant Pop 7"ers look absolutely fantastic. There is an added bonus with this Boris The Sprinkler 7" because waiting inside is the crazy tale of multiple pressings, insanely limited edition sleeves and the single that include b-sides of songs by another band. Otherwise known as the Boris The Sprinkler discography. Madness.

Whats that? The music...oh yeah. Doesn't quite match up I'm afraid. I've heard a couple of other songs by this band and they were fucking amazing. Not really the case this time though.

'(She Digs My) New Wave Records' is nice enough I suppose. The strange swirly sound is a nice touch but this song just doesn't grab me in the way a good pop-punk song should. 'Yellow Pills' shuffles off in a significantly more pop vein and I definitely like this one better. The song desperately reminds me of a band but I can't for the life of me put my finger on who that band is. Anyway - the other b-side, 'Hi, We're The Replacements', utilises some of the 'ol keyboards but this song does absolutely nowt. Its quite annoying actually.

Its a bit disappointing and I really hope the songs on this 7" are the band on an off day and not standard 'Sprinkler fare.

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