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Movie Music Vol. 2

Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Polyvinyl
Reviewed by Dan Kinnaird on Jun 13, 2007
You have to buy this cd just because when the spines of the two cds are put together it says "Movie Music". This cd is equally as good as vol. 1, but I couldn't in good conscience call this cd better because there are a couple of songs on this cd that I'd already heard on the Braid full-lengths. This one is made up of songs from compilations. The insert says that some of these comps are out of print, so I guess that's reason enough to buy this cd. The songs on this cd are dang good too, and all the comments on vol. 1 apply here. There are some individual songs on this cd that grabbed my attention darn quick. To Kiss A Trumpet Player is one of my favorite Braid songs ever, and all the covers can't be described. Braid covers 2 Smiths songs (this charming man, there is a light that never goes out) that are amazing. The cd makes me tap my foot and practice my air guitar more than ever before. I'm going to start a band someday. I can't think of any other good things to say. I can't believe I live less than 1" on a map away from Braid's hometown and I never saw them live. Guess I'll have to settle with the live cd and video comin' out.

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