A horrible hack


the Last

Year Released: 1999
Format: 7"
Label: Speedowax
Reviewed by Martin Brown on Jun 13, 2007
Ultra secret up until the last minute and equally limited, this one sided green vinyl 7" came in a plain sleeve with the word 'Broccoli' on it, nothing more. Hmm. Itíd be nice to have a track listing, but it kinda adds to the mystique and prestige of this 7". Quite what this is (it was going to be an early demo, but something went wrong) I donít know, but whatever it is, it is absolutely perfect. Vintage BROCCOLI emo poppiest best. I recognise some of the songs... only Grant sounds like Fat Mike or something! Itís really weird - like HOOTON 3 CAR with Fat Mike on vox!! Itís fucking cool though, and a fine tribute to one of Britainís best, who have sadly now gone. Iím gutted, but thankfully the incredible SHONBEN have helped ease the pain!

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