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Built to Spill - Marine Research


Year Released: 1998
Format: 7"
Label: K
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This review will start off with a number of facts that don't necessarily mean too much to me, but they might to you.

This split 7" is between one American band (Built to Spill) and one UK band (Marine Research). Marine Research apparently are connected to an old band called Heavenly. They cover each others songs. Built to Spill do "By The Way". Marine Research do "Sick & Wrong".

Right, theres the formalities of it. And what we have as an end result is really rather neat. Built to Spill have contributed an upbeat and charming piece of indie pop with vocals that sound, well, I think its a bit like Neil Young, but never mind. Anyway, it has a really great chorus, and is the kind of song that lodges itself into your head. Some cool swirly guitars hide in the background.

Meanwhile, Marine Research have a girl singer, and there is this highly cool sort of almost reggae vibe at the start. Anyway, they are also doing an indie pop style. Very rhythmic, although it doesn't tend to go too far from where it started out. It has a talky bit. Which is nice.

Well, I have no immediate desire to buy every record these bands have ever done, but this is a fun and poppy piece of wax, and you would do well to find it.

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