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Burning Airlines

Mission Control!

Year Released: 1999
Format: CD
Label: DeSoto
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
It's been a while since I have anticipated a release. Normally an album just turns up that I want to buy, but in the case of this one, I knew what day it was going to be available in the UK, and put in my order that afternoon. It turned up on my doormat 2 days later. So would it live up to my expectations? Burning Airlines hugely impressed me when I got to see them support the mighty Braid back in London, so here was hoping.

Well, it is excellent. But it does take a few listens to get into. Whilst Burning Airlines are undoubtedly a rock band, they are very angular. And obtusely angular at that. Just when you think you got them pinned down they come atcha from somewhere else. I was a little disappointed that they saw fit to include both efforts from their debut vinyl 7", but they are re-recorded, and both are good songs, so not to mind.

My favourite tracks number the rhythmical "Wheaton Calling" with it's big thumping verse, and "Pacific 231" which is a slice of grooving, melodic rock genius. I had listened to this track loads on the internet already, and hearing it in it's full glory really does it justice. "The Escape Engine" is quite poppy and upbeat, kind of in the same direction as some of the Jets to Brazil stuff. And then there is "Meccano" which rumbles in a strange tribal fashion for a while then explodes into a frantic chorus. The album does tail off a little towards the end, but all in all it's engaging stuff.

The packaging is really neat too.

So, this is how rocking rock should be done in the '90s. Get it.

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