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Burning Airlines


Year Released: 1999
Format: 7"
Label: passing complexion
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This'll go like hot cakes, I can tell you now. Limited to 500 (100 of which are apparently going to be on orange vinyl), and with an exclusive track...hey! come back! You can go check your favourite distro in a minute. I want to tell you about it first.

This was recorded in Germany back on December 8, 1998, which must have barely been days after they wowed me in London. A-side is "Departure", a fine track from the album. Quirky DC rock like you like it. I think this band fits so well with Bluetip, lovee one, love the other I am sure. Backing vocals are a little prevalent on this version, and they leave a couple of mistakes in, but don't worry, recording and overall quality is good. Now, the previously unreleased song is "No Voices On The Wire", I have no idea if the Airlines plan to put it out in the future, if not, then I guess that will have a major influence on whether you personally, as an admirer of the band, need this record. I can see why it probably didn't make the album - either it was too new at the time and it needed a bit of polish, or it just wasn't deemed quite right. It's really upbeat and a tad poppy, a great toe-tapper that drives a long, with a simple drumbeat that will just jar it's way into your head.

Collector nerds, the address is after the rating...

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