A horrible hack



Year Released: 2003
Format: 12" EP
Label: Warp
Reviewed by Chris Bress on Jun 13, 2007
Having never been a big fan of Broadcast I was quite surprised when I heard this. For some reason their music never really clicked with me, I always found it a bit dull. This new single (well, at 6 tracks it could really be a mini lp) is great though, itís a little bit darker and has a few jazzy moments which really add to the dark synth-led poppy post punk. There is still a large element of Stereolab in there but the actual songs on here are really strong and catchy so you donít think about that too much (and I suppose Broadcast have been around for quite some too now). The third track is my favourite, itís a lot like Italian prog bands like Goblin (and almost Aphrodites Child at times) with its use of jazz drums and dark and brutal synths.

I'd really like to see this band share a stage with Kling Klang.

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