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The Cable Car Theory

Whispers In The Wind

Year Released: 2000
Format: LP
Label: Rockemotions
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This is an easy album to review as it's so easy to listen too. Not particularly over long, not particularly intricate, not particularly ground breaking. But: good. That's the big plus point to this.

The Cable Car Theory have a crappy name, but are playing some good ole fast paced rock influenced hardcore. Suffice to say, if you fancy a band that mixes up bits of Fuel, Planes Mistaken for Stars with bits of Hot Water Music then you must own this. I wasn't sold on it at first, but multiple listens have ensured that it'll get a few more spins before being consigned to the record box of dust gathering.

The majority of songs are mid to fast paced emotion laced hardcore (this record fits the lame emo-core tag far more than any other I've heard in a while), with the rocking "2,000 Years" firing out very much in that new style that Planes Mistaken For Stars have. They have those kind of Leatherface style guitars in places that both PMFS and HWM also exhibit, though I'd say that this band had slightly more desperate, crying vocals than either of those reminding more of, say, Mike Kirsch. They also do the dual vocal thing rather damn well, just check out "Thought Feeling Action", a stormer. There's a part on "2,000 Years" that sounds like 2 seconds of the Star Wars theme. "Fire Away" has a killer bass intro that absolutely smokes, whilst "Whispers" starts off like some crazy off-kilter 12 Hour Turn track before firing back into the rock. Lyrics are of the political personal variety and come with handy explanations. Always appreciated.

Several million bands play this style of music, the Cable Car Theory do it with style and passion. Critical. You just are left wondering why it's out on a German label when the band are from New York. Strange.

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