A horrible hack

The Cache


Year Released: 2000
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Jun 13, 2007
First and foremost, my deepest and most humble apologies to the band for taking such an awfully long time with the review. I'm about four months delayed. But hey, "Better Late Than Never..."

Drum rolls.....presenting "...or castrated..." the introductory track with keyboard melodies that instantly grabs your attention. You know it's going to rock. And that's how it is for all three tracks on here.They just mess it up with those dark electro ryhthms and vocals reminiscent of Depeche Mode and the VSS. Totally embracing the atmosphere and dancefloor and in no time you're shakin' to it. Pulsating!

Unfortunately this demo is no longer available. But you can write to them and ask nicely. Or try bribing.(Yes, bribery does exist in the 21st century). Or be patient and hang around. Wait for their next project which will be a split 7" with Electro Sleep International on the Australian label Radio One.

"Keep your eyes peeled."

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