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Cameran - Bastard in Love


Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: Moo Cow
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Damn. The Cameran songs on this 7" really disappointed after they blew me away live. They are an Austrian emo / hardcore / metal band, and live they sounded like 400 Years and just absolutely went off. The singer was all over the shop. On this record, they lose any comparisons to a band as cool as 400, and sound more like a generic hardcore / metal band with not so much emo. Lots of hc riffage goes on, and they use their incredible box of guitar pedals every now and again to bring in a bit variance to the sound, especially when they mellow out momentarily. On the second song they have some cool talky vocals at the beginning that got my hopes up, but then they hurtle into a lot of harsh yelling over the chugga-chugg-thunk guitar work. Too many heavy hardcore influences for me, they could do with hearing some Witching Hour bands to figure out how better to be a heavy emo band. Though I like the way they split up the two tracks with a piano piece. Nice. Poltical lyrics dealing with the uneven distribution of power & wealth, and how the Western world is a mess. Good stuff.

The other band is called Bastard in Love. Eh? Whatever, they are badly recorded, and musically sound like At the Drive In demos. Shouted vocals over dischordant emotional rock music. The second song is fast and slightly frantic then breaks down. They're, like, ok.

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