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The Copperpot Journals


Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Blind Bear
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I get a little disillusioned with bands in the UK when I hear a record like this. Not to knock them and the 5 track EP they've produced, but I just wish a band would make a touch more effort than to lean on a current popular American sound. Now, I have no idea as the nationality of this bands singer, but he sounds as American as apple pie. Maybe he was born there. Hohum.

Musically, Copperpot have written and played 5 songs of run of the mill 'emo' indie rock, of the faster variety. Generic to say the least, but I do concede that they are playing it well. They have lots of chuggy riffs and bounciness, reminiscent of bands like Gameface, Alkaline Trio, Starmarket, and 9065 other bands coming out of the US and elsewhere right now. It's that "watered down Texas is the Reason" style rock. And I can't quite find anything that helps differentiate them, makes them stand out, makes me go WOAH! It's just upbeat rocking blah blah music. I tap my toe, I do something else and forget what I just heard. The time I do wake up though is for final track, "The Watermark", where they take a shot at playing a slower style, there's just something about it, it's almost got the Christie Front Drive vibe, before they lose focus and end up trying to rock out in a less that impressive style.

Are these guys ex-someone by the way? Is it 99 Years? Because "Out Blacks the Light" - I swear I have heard this song before! I am certain I heard it live last year, and I haven't seen Copperpot play, so I'm baffled. It's probably the second best song on here.

This doesn't suck. It's just that really, honestly, this thing is totally played out and dead. Simply, if you like upbeat and rocking rock music, you'll love this to pieces as they do it as well as any of those bands I mentioned earlier. If you want something vaguely original, you'll find reviews of those records on this page somewhere.

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