A horrible hack

Ed Matus' Struggle

Planes That Cast A Gloom

Year Released: 1999
Format: 10"
Label: Boxcar - Space Cadette
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This is a weird one. First of all, you should see the incredible packaging. Lovely thick card cover, with a strange printing on a piece of glued on yellow paper, plus some colourful bits of stuck on tissue paper. Fantastic. Then, there are only 3 songs on here. And they only made 300 copies. 300 copies made, and I have one? How can you only make 300 copies, be from America, yet people half way round the world can get hold of your record? It's incredible.

What's the music like? Well, first song "Bottom Feeder" is like a more lumbering, heavier version of Antarctica in a way. A very long song, but not quite in the same dreamlike category as those guys, you couldn't go to sleep to this. Instead, it has lots of rumbling guitars, insistent drumming, and sort of an ethereal harmony of vocals. And it's really quite neat. Wasn't so sure the first time I played it, but now I 'get' it a bit more. The other two songs - "Aen K Myenam" starts off very jittery, crunchy and erratic, and stays as an odd instrumental. Bizarre. "Ipanema" is rather dynamic, going from quiet to noisy unexpectedly, whilst the vocals are hidden behind this big wall of drumming and driving guitars. Actually gets a little poppy emo-rock sounding near the end. Huh?

Interesting and totally different to any other stuff I have. Yup.

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