A horrible hack

Dirty 3

She Has No Strings Apollo

Year Released: 2003
Format: LP
Label: Touch & Go
Reviewed by Chris Bress on Jun 13, 2007
I was so, so disappointed when I first heard this record. I wasn’t expecting them to do anything new or anything, but I wanted them to make their sound more exciting and hear more of the live sound on this recording. I didn’t need another “Ocean Songs”, as fucking amazing as that record is. This has however, grown on me like crazy.

I think if this record was released by someone other than the Dirty Three I would have loved it from the off. When a band as great as this band release a new record you have to have high hopes though, even if you try not too. I also think it’s a lot harder for a band like this to hit you with a new album straight away. It’s a lot easier for a band like Discordance Axis.

You really need to be in the mood to hear this, at work it sounded flat and really, really boring. At home after two brutal nights on the trot it sounded great.

This record is a lot more rhythmic than the last couple of releases by this band (be it Tren Brothers, Dirty three, Bonnevil or Mick Turner’s solo effort). Maybe this material will sound amazing live, Im sure it will, but I'll have to wait till their gig in Leicester to find out.

The third track, “long way to go with no punch”, is really nice.

This record really took its time but it was worth it and I'm glad I waited a bit until I reviewed it! If you're new to this band you should really check out “ocean songs” first as it is really one of the best albums ever, but if your familiar with the Dirty Three give this record time and Im sure you’ll love it.

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