A horrible hack

Hookers Green No. 1

On How The Illustrious Captain

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Snowstorm
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Ah. Spaced out indie rock. It's a fine genre, replete with many enjoyable bands, and here is Hookers Green No. 1 bringing to the plate their own attempt at spaced out indie rock, spreading 3 songs over 18 minutes. And they do a decent job of it, mixing up a whole shedload of influences (most of them hinted at in a less than subtle accompanying note) to create a pretty unique sound. Opening track, "Love Ballad for the Cold Robot", relies on electronics and funny noises, sounding like a cross between those weird inteludes on the Christie Front Drive lp and Bright Eyes (it's the wavery vocals that do it) to create something not too disimilar from the recent Manitoba LP (and that was one of the best lp's I have heard so far this year). I think this was my favourite song on this CD, yep.

Seconds away, "There is an Equillibrium" which is nice and chilled out indie with a big ole jazz influence. The chilled out intro is sublime, then they hurtle into a brassy track with spazzy drums and some suitably nuts trumpet instrumentation that dominates proceedings. Even the fucked up vocals sound like a tuba. Peculiar. It's quite erratic, but maintains an enjoyable melody throughout. Good mix up of the ugly and the fun. Gotta love the moment where it all drops out and they have some reveberating drums and other 70's sounding instrumentation take to the fore. These dudes should cover the Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 theme tune, that'd be awesome!

We end on "A Fantastic Voyage" (great film!) which is again a peculiar effort that starts out all kind of weird before cruising into a Joan of Arc style fuckery uppery. "all my friends speak in binary and we all speak in lethargy". Smart! I think that's what he says anyway! Bleeps, blips, noises, unpredictable.

What can I say? This is bizarro, and I like it more today than I did yesterday. That about sums things up. Good to hear some creativity, yo.

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