A horrible hack

The Romance Morgue

The Demo Days

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Alone
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Did you ever see these guys website? Maybe it's still online. If it is, go and find it and take a look at the pictures.

Anyways. I am not sure if the band gained much notoriety whilst in existwnce, I never really heard them being talked about, even though they had members of popular bands and this CD here shows that they played some good music too. 5 songs of, um, post-screamo rock and roll I guess. Ha ha! It is very similar to the direction that Song of Zarathustra were heading when they split up, although on tracks like "Cold Drinks & Cold Shoulders" the ominous rumble of the guitar and drums is something more akin to Queens of the Stone Age! And they show off their other skillz on "Handsome Nevertheless" which bounds with nervous energy and throws in some keyboards for luck. I think it's the vocals that really help this band stand out from the crowd. The guy is very distinctive and sounds kind of familiar, his frantic style really gives the music the added ingredient it needs.

This is an enjoyable, rather than essential, little collection of stuff by a band that I bet were a blast live. If you're bored of all the bands retreading 1999 but did enjoy that sound, then these guys offer a new take on things here.

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