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Your Wate and Fate

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Curve of the Earth
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Want to know what is annoying? Annoying is when you go and buy a CD by some hyper obscure band and then you get sent a copy for review about 4 days later. What's up with that shit? No-one ever sends me stuff for review when I want a copy badly and can't find their record, so the god of mirth sits up there with his legion of comical angels, notices that I buy a CD then figures he'll get the label that put it out to send me a copy. When I opened the envelope and uttered the immortal phrase "what the fuck?" him and the angels were just rolling in the cloudy aisles, pointing their fingers and laughing hysterically. The big cheeky bugger.

Ok. Araby. This is not the band called Araby that was around in the mid 90's and had ex-members of John Henry West and a 3 track 7" on Red Dawg. Just to clarify for the purposes of not confusing anyone and also to just remind you that I am a fucking record geek.

This Araby have made a rather nice CD thankyou very much. The first time I listened to it I was a bit bamboozled. The songs occasionally sounded out of tune or just not quite 'right', but persistence has paid off and I have ended up enjoying this a lot. And it's quite strange that I found this a hard album to get into as Araby are, in essence, a mid 90's emo rock band with a heck of a lot in common with Sunny Day Real Estate and the 3rd Boilermaker LP. Rocking melodies, moments of sheer quiet beauty, strong vocals... elements that Araby share with that pair of legendary bands - although they are not quite on the same plane just yet, but they are getting damned close. Just listen to the first minute or so of "Everything I Say You Are" and tell me that these guys aren't onto something special. The track perfectly finds the balance between gentle twinkles and more upbeat moments, whilst the spacey vocal harmonies (reminding me of The Man I Fell In Love With) help elevate things to another level. This kind of quality in the genre is something I have simply not come across since the pink album or "11 Songs". I have to add that the vocals on "Truth to Tell" are pure Enigk at times, dude does a great job at mind, so I won't complain.

It's difficult to think of more to add. This is just a stunning CD. I love the variation in the songs, or the variation that even occurs within a song, take for example "Ringside", which contains both delightfully fast and bouncy melodies and chuggy soaring emo-rock moments to knock yer socks off. The more I listen to "Your Wate and Fate" the more I find myself utterly captivated by it and realise how good an album this folks have put together. And if a better record in this style comes out this year then I hope I get sent it before I buy the bloody thing.

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