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Braid - The Get Up Kids


Year Released: 1998
Format: 7"
Label: Tree
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This is nuts. A 2 track vinyl single that I paid quite a bit for, and this happens:

  • a) it doesn't tell you which side is which
  • b) it doesn't give the name of either song

    Luckily there is a clue. Each side has a map on it. One displays Kansas City, and the other a town called Champaign. I read that the Get Up Kids are from Kansas, so from that I assume they are on the Kansas map side. Unless something is seriously fugged here and its all a big trick.

    Well, now it gets even nutser, as the Get Up Kids have the temerity to mix up indie emo and pop punk. I almost suffer fits at the mere thought of this combination. The two types of music that I love the most right now, and they are combined on one song! Ever heard the saying "Too much of a good thing"? Its balls, it'll never happen. GUK have the drums and at times the pace of pop punk, yet the guitars and vocals of emo. And rather good it is too, quite like that Joshua single I reviewed the other day, but less heavy. I look forward to hearing the sound over the full album which I should be acquiring early next week.

    And whilst the Get Up Kids do that, Braid merely just sound a bit like the Promise Ring, but slightly more abrasive and less straight down the line pop. Damn, how dare they stoop to such heights? This song has got that strange mix of complex and slow guitars, and nice pop bits. And then it just goes perfect towards the end, picking up speed and really rocking out. Oh so cool. Takes a bit of listening to get to a proper grasp on, mind, and I expect it would work even better across the scope of a whole album.

    Uh, 2 good songs by what I expect are 2 great bands. Bring me albums.

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