A horrible hack

Goatsnake - Burning Witch


Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Hydra Head
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 13, 2007
Once again, the gods of metal deliver unto us an unheavenly platter packed full of satanic goodness, this particular offering comprising four tracks in a hellish 35 minutes.

Goatsnake are one of the better doom acts in an oft unimaginative scene, belching up the instrumental nastiness of 'Raw Curtains' and a cover of 'Burial at Sea' by doom metal demigods Saint Vitus. Marvellous.

Burning Witch are a band I have a somewhat troubled relationship with, having first heard their 'Crippled Lucifer' outing on Bad Acid the morning after a particularly decadent binge and a disorientating few hours spent lost and blind-drunk in the local woods. To be honest, Burning Witch proved more than I could handle in my fragile state, and their freakish din caused me to lose the last few shreds of my stomach lining. As time went on, we became better aquainted, maybe even learned to love each other a little, but those horrible memories are, nevertheless, deeply ingrained.

The band themselves are molasses slow, dinosaur riffs drowning in tarpits while the most ungodly vocals screech and holler frightful lyrics about 'The Bleeder' and god alone knows what else. It's the absolute epitome of doom, pure, unadulterated blasphemous filth, and dang it if I don't actually get a strange kind of kick out of it.

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