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Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Hermit
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Having seen these guys live 3 or 4 times and never failing to be impressed, I finally gave in and picked up their latest record. And man does it deliver!

Live, Imbalance are explosive hardcore punk rock, fast tunes with great shouted vocals, and spot on riffing that gets you ready to dance and point your finger. And my favourite Imbalance song, “Dangerous Tonight” is here, so I am doubly happy. Live it always blows me away with the great group shouts and the chuggy riffs, only for it to break down sedately half way through and mellow out for a few moments. Though they are also equally at home with the occasional Kid Dynamite style blast through under 100 seconds, “Like Montague & Capulet” doing a particular great job of making the most of it’s minute and barely a bit.

What really impresses is their ability to mix up some great straight forward stuff with clever breakdowns, a touch of intricacy, and nice variance in the vocals. Sometimes sung, sometimes shouted, sometimes spoken. It all makes for a nice mix. And the rest of the time they are just raging away and sucking you in. One misfit is “Celebrity” which I tend to skip sometimes, it’s slow and meandering, and doesn’t sit with the rest of this at all! On it’s own, it’s good, with urgent spoken vocals, and intelligently written lyrics. Just doesn’t fit in!

By no means innovative, by no means crazy, but by all means, they are one of the few hardcore bands in the UK that are worth a moment of your time. And a few notes of your currency for that matter. If you were expecting more from the last Kid Dynamite release, plus want a few songs that last longer than 2 minutes, then Imbalance are the band you should check out.

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