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Jejune - Dignity for All


Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: Big Wheel Recreation
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
The last Jejune stuff ever? Now that Araby has wandered off. Jejune were great, that debut EP Junk was a bit dodgy, but the 2nd album, woah. And this song here is evidence of the direction they were headed in. Backwards in time. Getting more 80's, with deeply layered shoegazing indie rock, spacey guitars, and Araby's drifting backing vocals. The slow start builds into big chorus, and some spiralling synths. Definitely ties in well with the Antarctica album. Hey, if Jejune and Antarctica had been around in the 80's, maybe I would actually have appreciated that decades music. Very long, and very dreamy. I'm going to miss this band a lot.

Dignity For All are Japanese. And because they are not on Snuffy Smile, I therefore know zero about them. They play, um, Jejune influenced indie rock on the first track, which is an instrumental and they have a very annoying drum sound, that sounds like someone slapping their slipper against a wall. The second song is a long the lines of Snuffy Smile band Wall. This is very moderate.

Buy it for the Jejune. Or maybe wait till someone does a singles discography. How about it Big Wheel?

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