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Neck Mohican

Year Released: 1998
Format: 7"
Label: Gravitate
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
They've been on tour with A. JP had something to do with this release. "Neck Mohican" is a cool name. And there is picture of a mad guy in a jetpack on the front of the single. There are 4 decent reasons to buy this single, and you haven't even heard it yet.

What you notice first about this is that all 3 songs are quite different from each other. Which is always cool, variety the spice of life and all that blah blah. First song, "An Elderly Game", starts off with the band pretending to be choir boys by the sounds of it, and then kick in some ace punk guitars and the song starts motoring. Its quite bizarre really, you need to hear it! Come the chorus you get lots of neat harmonies and phreaky vocals. And it all works fantastically. Theres even some more hardcore-y bass guitar in there at times.

"Fear of Pop" is probably the least impressive of the 3 songs here. Its slower and laidback, and doesn't have so much of a tune. But later on theres more of that classy harmony as the song goes a lot indie-er. "Superhero" starts off with some hand-claps, which always earns extra marks, before the groovy bass starts up. With more of those harmonies, it sounds a bit like Snug at their punkiest, plus a dash of A thrown in. Probably my fave of the 3 tracks, its infernally tuneful and catchy, and has a superb ending.

Bloody weird. Bloody good.

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