A horrible hack


Helpless I Cry

Year Released: 1999
Format: CDR
Label: self released
Reviewed by Russell Opie on Jun 13, 2007
The band supported Spy versus Spy at the recent gig at the Garage, in London. They were selling copies of their CD-R demo album, and I quite liked them live so I figured "why not?". Surely the epitome of the term DIY? Yep, these guys literally did it themselves, and they were even cutting up and folding the inlays on the floor of the venue and putting them up for sale just before they started playing! How punk-rock?

Kneejerk play emotional hardcore. Their sound varies from slower more tuneful moments with emotional vocals, to out-and-out heavy hardcore riffs and screams of fury. Fortunately the lyrics come with this and they just rule. They tackle the issues of racism, sexism and the general intolerences that exist in the world today. My totally most favourite song, and the most thought provoking to me personally is "Blunt", which tackles the politics within the hardcore scene. The lyrics are really quite inspiring, and the song has an awesome feeling of anger liberated.

Boy Sets Fire could be drawn into this review to serve as a potent reference point, and vocally they come across as sounding like a more aggressive, rough sounding Spy versus Spy. But this band certainly do have a fairly unique sound to them. And believe me, when I say its good, I mean it. The production could do with a little work, but this was recorded in just 7 hours, so I am prepared to live with that, because there are so many songs on here that just can't be ignored.

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