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Los Planetos Del Agua

Selfish Killers, Patriotic Whores

Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: Bearos
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Well well well, at last! I've been waiting for this one since these guys sent me their demo tape about 10 months ago. I think this may have been out a while now (it says July 1999 on the back) but I've only just gotten my hands on it. The two songs from that afforementioned demo are the ones that have ended up on this tasteful piece of blue plastic, but anyways. Lets take a listen...

First up is the 7 minute long instrumental, the post-rocking "Selfish Killers, Patriotic Whores". It builds up from oddball Joan of Arc style blips and bleeps, introduces a repetetive guitar looping over and over, some occasional drumming, an electronic hum, and begins to weave a very atmospheric song. It subtly broods, yet does roll a long, not lethargic in the slightest. A very good piece of instrumental work indeed, will appeal to lovers of bands like Paul Newman, Mogwai, maybe Tristeza though it is perhaps a little noisier than most of their stuff, particularly when they crash the guitars around and about as the song goes on.

B-side, "Mules for the Cinema" is my favourite of the 2 songs. Mainly because it recalls Christie Front Drive and Tristeza in one song. It's five minutes worth of twinkling loveliness that edges towards some very light, whispery vocals at the finale. Oh, the moment when it slips out of the noisier build up and breaks down into the awesome dreamo. Wow, absolutely beautiful. Can't really fault this one at all.

Well, this review is remarkably similar to the one I did of the demo tape, but never mind. Make sure you get these songs to hear one of the better UK bands around for yourself.

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