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Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Airborne Virus
Reviewed by Pete Burn on Jun 13, 2007
I was recently sent an email from Sean who does the Airborne Virus label, asking if I would review this CD, well sure I will... First off the whole CD and packaging are in a 'solid red communist gold' colour scheme which gives a very minimal feel that is carried across into Minmae's 18 songs. This more ambient aspect makes 'Vonsachiang' perfect late night / early morning music where all you want to do is lay around and relax. The main vibe I got from listening to this CD is that they are heavily influenced by Sonic Youth, but not in a generic sense. There are parts which sound like they would fit in nicely on 'Sister' or 'Daydream Nation'. Having said that, there is an equal influence drawn from the early 90's UK 'shoegazer' groups, most notably My Bloody Valentine (one of my favourite bands) on the parts where effects laden guitars create sprawling landscapes. When Minmae decide to break out a bit more rock, the music becomes reminiscent of early Pavement or Swervedriver but in a much more restrained way. The emphasis of the music is based around creating and developing moods which change subtly over the 45 minutes.

This is one of the more interesting releases I have heard lately, which can only be a good thing. I had trouble trying to e-mail Sean about distro-ing this CD, but if anyone is interested in getting this, get in touch with me and hopefully I'll be able to get some copies.

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