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My Favorite Citizen


Year Released: 1999
Format: 7"
Label: Your Best Guess
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This is from 1997, but not to worry, as it's great. MFC ripped off the Get Up Kids mixed with Promise Ring sound before anyone even thought about it. Actually, they ripped it off before those bands put out their 1st and 2nd albums respectively. Clever eh!

"Perforated Heart" is just lovely bouncy emo-pop with a great big thick, rumbling bassline carrying it a long, and duel whiney vocals a la Mid Carson July providing the singage. And to say it works perfectly is an understatement. Very much in a style that would be half way between the first two Promise Ring albums. Just totally music that makes you dance and skip around going "la la la". They hold the key to the secret of writing the perfect emo pop song: cute, catchy, and use the bass like it's a real instrument.

On the flip is "Trans-Hudson", which is more blissful, mid-paced, early P-Ring pop. This is actually horrifically similar to any number of "30 Degrees Everywhere" songs come to think of it, but if that is the kind of thing you complain about, you're a dork. No-one rips off early P-Ring these days, so it's refreshing. They even have rings on the cover art. Sorry guys, but I didn't need the hint.

Damn lovely stuff, they'd have been huge if they hadn't split up. So here's two songs that'll, um, make you think about nice people. Heh.

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