A horrible hack

The Norman Bates Valentine


Year Released: 2000
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by Shawn Cameron on Jun 13, 2007
I had seen this band live before I'd heard this demo and I'm glad that I have. They are very different apart from one thing. The similarity is that a huge Nation of Ulysses influence is apparent. Among the things that are different about them is their presence of keyboards. Live they had three keyboards set up, but you could only hear the one that was least played. The main keyboardist had horrible stage presence and did a whole bunch of nothing. Not helping the "we have a keyboard so that we can cash in" idea.

On the cassete we have five members each contributing easily with the keyboards maybe even taking command. This demo is very raw (their live set is very precise and tight) and also less systematic. The lyrics have the same quirkyness as N.O.U. but god enters the mix at some points. It is obvious some members are christian while others are not. Kinda displays the hipocracy on religion within this tape. One second there are swears and the next it becomes faithful christian worship. Oddly, this is not a joke but a compromise within the group.

There were only 42 of these made so i wouldn't go looking for one. Upcoming is a split 12" woith local (Vancouver,BC) favorite screamo band September. Not the same one as tree records' September. I would look into that to sample Norman Bates Valentine and definitely introduce yourself to another also great band, as found in September.

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