A horrible hack

Paul Newman

Frames Per Second

Year Released: 1997
Format: LP
Label: Trance Syndicate
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
This band is neither a solo project, nor named after the actor. Dammit though, isn't The Sting such a great film?

Instrumental records are a cinch to review, heh. Either they totally click with you, like this does, or you turn it off after two listens with repetetive brain injury, the band being so boring that they made your head shut down. Turing Machine. Luckily Paul Newman induce no such effect, rather playing somewhat lovely and strident instro's pitched in the same ballpark as Tristeza. That'd be Fenway. Beautiful. I told our resident Mogwai chief, Mr. Dan Baker, about Paul N, and he went out and bought two cd's without hearing a single song. Needless to say, he loves them. And you will too should you dig either of those two bands. If you like your instrumentals pretty, yet not depressing, a little upbeat, almost bouncy even at times, not entirely complicated, but still quirk filled enough to keep you listening, then check this out. Unmitigatedly brilliant as background music. Super pleasant at any other time. Guitars soothingly wash over you, yet are still rocking. Few riffs get overplayed, damn, it's 43 minutes long, and you don't regret a single one of them. Two songs even have vocals, where they kind of remind of that 3 track Antarctica EP from a way back. Nice.

I'll never tire of seeing The Sting. I'll never tire of this kind of record. Get this, get the new one, out any day. God knows how I'm going to figure out enough words to write another review, but, well...

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