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Paul Newman

Only Love Can BreakYour Heart

Year Released: 1998
Format: LP
Label: Trance Syndicate
Reviewed by Dan Baker on Jun 13, 2007
it is not very often that i buy something without hearing it or reading a review that namedrops other bands, but andy advised me to buy stuff by paul newman, and as he knows my music tastes better than me, i went ahead and bought both their records. it was a good purchase.

paul newman are a fourpeice instrumental band named after their bass player (naming a band after a bass player? no offence to bass players, but are they taking the piss?) and they are amazing.

the first song gives the wrong impression of the band i think, as it has a post rock feel to it, a bit like slint or a minor forest, loud discordant guitars jumping around uncontrollably.

it is after this introduction that paul newman find their peace. The second song starts of like mogwai on the 'come on die young' record, slow, mellow and sad but slowly building up as if it is about to rock but doesnt. then it goes all poppy and upbeat. it is this ability to change tempo and feeling that makes me like this band so much. this thing with instrumentals, is that if they are long and monotonous your attention can dwindle. but paul newman are devoutly obssessed with reeling you in with a bait of musical mood swings whenever they feel your mind will swim downstream (what a crappy fishing metaphor that was). one listen to the song 'where are your hands now' will show you what i mean about musical mood swings.

i listen to a lot of instrumental music and i guess the reason i like it so much is the power the songs have. songs without singing have to work so much harder to involve you, so when it works the result is so intense that it leaves you speechless too. it always reminds me of the cliche 'actions speak louder than words'. paul newman do this so well.

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