A horrible hack



Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: GSL
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Hmm, physics. Never was any good at that, did a chemistry a-level instead, and had to cheat to pass it. Yeah yeah!

Ok, here we have two very long songs from these peeps on the GSL label, home of the Locust amongst others. Naturally, with this CD being 28 minutes long and containing just the two tracks, Physics have very little at all in common with that other band. Very little. Think more a long the lines of all that arty instrumental music that is being made at the minute courtesy of bands like Tristeza. Drifting spacey noises, repetition, a bit of electronic instrumentation, you know the score. Also reminds me of the longer songs off the Juno album, but without vocals. I'd expect anyone who likes the Antarctica record would enjoy this too. Or Mogwai. Am I making this easy enough for you? What else? Oh, apparently there is some dude from 3 Mile Pilot in this band n' all. Another point of note - this is a live recording, and you can make out people talking during the quiet bits.

Not for everyone, but certain people will love it. I'm down.

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