A horrible hack

Radio Berlin


Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: action driver
Reviewed by Shawn Cameron on Jun 13, 2007
Radio Berlin brings to mind Echo and the Bunnymen for me. And I love Echo and the Bunnymen. They have taken all the best elements of that dark keyboard pop, added some energy and brought it all to date. Nowadays, I'd rather put in this CD over most keyboard pop bands emerging of late. The vocals, which are not typical, at first seem odd and out of place but quickly give the music its proper feel (dark,haunting, beautiful et al). At the end of the CD they have remixed what was one of my favorite songs on the demo into a techno type piece. Very original and unique. YOU all know this keyboard craze is taking over indie music and Radio Berlin are at the front of the movement. This cd will be pressed on vinyl in the very near future, if it hasn't been already.

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