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Reno Kid - Soulmate


Year Released: 1999
Format: CD
Label: Soda
Reviewed by Dan Baker on Jun 13, 2007
I always see split releases as a kind of football match, where the two teams are blatantly trying to be better than the other.

Reno Kid obviously had the advantage, as they kicked off. They deliver very catchy poppy emo very similar to the Get Up Kids. Perfect to listen to on this rainy day, the songs flow around blissfully in a haze of well crafted pop with vocals that you can't even tell are foreign. I still dont get the line 'you smell like Canada' though. Bloody Germans.

I don't know whose idea it was to put Soulmate on second, as they just sound like a poorer version of the first band. If you weren't listening closely, you'd just think their songs were the b sides to the first. I guess they are slightly slower, and the accent on the vocals are terrible, it sounds like he's singing to a different song sometimes. They aren't a bad band, but they just aren't as good as Reno Kid.

I don't know how anyone could get hold of this. My advice is to wait for Reno Kid's album. But then again I got this for free, so I don't really care.

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