A horrible hack

The Fantastikol Hole

Mathematikol Oil

Year Released: 2006
Format: CD
Label: Basement Apes Industries
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Nov 5, 2006
Mechanized tech-grind assault, replete with nerve-shredding time changes, precision riffing and the odd atmospheric interlude to break up the chaos. Citing roughly three hundred influences on their press release (everyone from Autechre to Napalm Death to Stravinsky) the Fantastikol Hole nonetheless sound straight outta the Relapse school of metallic grind, making a decent enough fist of it when not wallowing too deep in the DEP-style loop-the-loops or going so fast that their brutality is reduced to a series of humorous parps and squelches. Its all far better when the band allow themselves a little time to breathe, easing up a tad on the accelerator and really letting the menace set in. Thankfully these moments far outweigh the toot, allowing Mathematikol Oil to rise ominously above its minor flaws and stomp hard on your balls, just like good grind should.

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