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Black Eyes - Early Humans


Year Released: 2003
Format: 7"
Label: Planaria
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Wow, I just read that Black Eyes is ex-Amalgamation! Their stuff on the Jeromes Dream split 7" is sooooo good. Anyway, I am just rambling about that because Black Eyes is an UBER hip band that I simply do not have the depth of knowledge to adequately describe. Basically if you like hip music that all the hip people listen to whilst being more hip and skinny than you'll ever be, then you'll like Black Eyes. Even I like Black Eyes (because they are good) but it really pains me to say that because I am emo, not hip! Fuck that posing shit! This is all herky jerky, rhythmic stuff with talky / monotone vocals and a very bassy sound. This is not as good as their first 7", and apparently the LP is amazing, but anyway. Supposedly similiar to ultra hip old bands like Pop Group and Gang of Four (IS THERE ANY FUCKING HIPSTER BAND THAT DOESN'T CLAIM TO SOUND LIKE GANG OF FOUR???? not that Black Eyes claim that, just something I have noticed). If you hate me, Collective, and mid 90's emo, then yeah, you'll like Black Eyes.

Early Humans is a less hip band on the other side. Sometime C reviewer and label dude, Kunal, is putting a record out by them so check that shit out. Anyway, Early Humans is pretty off-kilter and strange semi-hardcore, probably not unlike the Great Unravelling as they have this really Tonie Joy-ish type sound to the guitars. It's pretty lo-fi and again rather bassy. The second track is mostly feedback and noise, which is not particularly any good. Oh well. I liked the first track.

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