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Bela Lugosi

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Lovely Alice
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Currently there is a worldwide attempt to set a new record for "Most Bands With the Same Name". As of yesterday, the name Blueprint is in first place, with 70056 bands currently sharing the name. The Blueprint on this record is from Italy, and on here are 7 tracks. And it's rather solid. "Immobile" starts things off with a slow building introduction, guitars gently rocking back and forth, building up to screamy rock outs. It's very mid-paced and almost lazy feeling at time, but it always builds to moments of emotional out-pouring and it works relly well. Sometimes the vocals are more urgently spoken, a la the Van Pelt and that works well too. Most of the rest of the CD is instrumental with occasional sung parts, they have a good handle on the quiet-loud style, blending the mellow post-rock with intensity to good effect. I definitely prefer the first track but the rest is interesting too.

This isn't mind blowing but it was a really nice surprise. And like a lot of things I've heard from Italy lately, good stuff too. Good uns.

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