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Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Mike Whelan on Jun 13, 2007
It’s always a bit depressing when you see a CDR come through the letterbox under the pretence of being a demo. They usually come with crap hand written inlays and either a desperate scribbled note, begging you to give it a listen, or a coffee stained list of similar artists and tour dates. Even then they usually sound like they’ve been produced in a garage/public toilet/pox-ridden squat (delete as appropriate) by an over-enthusiastic sixth former with an AS-level in Tourism and Music Studies.

No such vagueness from HiTechJet. This demo sounds better produced than most label-funded albums I own. Not only that, but the usual bleating for recognition is replaced with real quality music. HiTechJet, like some angry young man staring you down in the street, dare you to not like them. “Just try it!” They yell. And for once I’m rendered speechless, this is a demo in no danger of being shoved in a drawer or becoming a trendy coaster.

This is excellent, three tracks which could sit comfortably on many of HiTechJets peers albums. The influences are obvious, Hundred Reasons, Kids Near Water, Hot Water Music, and probably a few other bands with “Water” in the title that I don’t know. Added to this is a slant of melodicism and quality which these bands eschew, HiTechJet benefit from more than one capable vocalist, which makes their rough-edged harmonies occasionally sound like something taken from a Spy Versus Spy song rather than a Hundred Reasons chart-topper.

I don’t think I’ve heard a demo better than this one. You wouldn’t expect anything too sophisticated from the Uxbridge outfit after seeing their minimalist CDR cover and assorted paraphernalia, but from opening track ‘The Score,’ with its infectious “If you take anything with you/I’ll settle the score again” chorus, to emotional closer ‘All This Time,’ there isn’t a dull moment.

This demo should be available at www.hitechjet.com, if not, it’s a pity, you’re missing out.

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