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Way Down East

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Robert Barry Construction Associates
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Hyerm. This is very much the odd one. It goes from me really liking it to me really disliking it to really liking it in the space of the opening track. How do you account for that? It starts off with some very wavering vocals over plaintive acoustic guitar, wandering along very miserably. After a minute or so it gets dreary and prompts a look towards the CD clock. Then everything picks up again as they turn into an indie rock band playing plodding stuff with good melodies and stronger vocals. And this is still song 1. Man, I wish I could find the piece of paper that came with it as it would probably help me mumble about what is going on in a much more coherent fashion. Because I rather enjoy their indie rockings on this record, it's got a real creative bent to it, not content to copy Built to Spill or something like that. The vocals in particular I enjoy, they are really varied from song to song, and they throw in multiple vocalists which makes me think of the Wrens but THAT IS NOT A GOOD COMPARISON OVERALL. Because They touch on various styles throughout the record but it generally remains cohesive and doesn't feel like random stuff all glued together haphazardly.

Sometimes "Way Down East" reminds me of something I heard once, but generally it doesn't, yeah! Not that I claim to have heard every single indie rock or 60's band ever. Far from it. I do hear a bit of Bowie but I don't even own a Bowie record so I am just sort of saying that from an idiot's standpoint. Here and there the music splinters into some electronica and goes in funny directions like Joan of Arc, but only for very short moments. Then they start playing the songs again.

I supposed that from time to time Boxing miss rather than hit (track 10 I can't abide) but overall I reckon this is a decent cd. Just takes some getting used to! I don't have enough time at the minute to really listen to this inside out to judge it properly and fairly. I believe if I stuck this on 10 times in a row it'd all make sense and I'd tell you this was great. Or perhaps I'll put this on a few times when I am least expecting it (maybe I should get someone else to do that, otherwise it would spoil the element of surprise).

Well, to conclude I can tell you I like it, and that if you like downbeat, peculiar indie stuff you should check this out and listen to it 10 times in a row then write to me and tell me that I should do that too. Cool?

PS I bet you are glad I didn't make any puns like "this CD packs a punch" or "Isn't Mike Tyson a silly cock?"

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