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Annalise - Gunmoll


Year Released: 2003
Format: 7"
Label: Boss Tuneage - No Idea Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Ah, this is a fun looking record, it is clear vinyl with yellow splatters. I don't have any other record that looks like that. And gadzooks, it's Annalise everybody! UK melodic punk veterans keep on rolling with 2 more tunes that sound just like Annalise have done for countless innumerable years. Well, the past 5 or so anyway. It's toe tapping and tuneful, with a prominent bassline and familiarly strong vocals from Ed. I think if you have ever heard an Annalise record and enjoyed it, then you will also enjoy this because they haven't changed one iota since I last heard them. They even have a song that mentions Exeter, just in case some weirdo stalker fan got angry that they ever put a record out that didn't mention the place. So it's steadfastly tuneful punk rock. Just what you were expecting.

Gunmoll is from the US and does things on No Idea. I don't know if they are touring with Annalise or something and that led to this split occurring. Anyway, they have a dirtier sound more in the mode of something like Leatherface. Throaty vocals and rocking melodies is their order of the day. Drums go fast and it's at that nice pace where I would be at the gig nodding my head along in time with a beer in my hand. After 3 songs I would look at my watch, and after 4 I would down the rest of my beer and probably go home. But for 2 songs on here Gunmoll maintains my interest and rocks out enjoyably with their brand of good, honest and sincere sounding punk rock.

Super solid split that is going to appeal to a fuck of a lot of people in the UK and probably other places too. Up the melodic punks!

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