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Breaking Pangaea


Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Equal Vision
Reviewed by Mike Whelan on Jun 13, 2007
There are a few simple rules to creating an emo or hardcore band that almost anyone can follow. First, recruit a few skinny friends who all own their own instruments (musical talent is, of course, optional). Second, come up with a name incorporating a day of the week, a month of the year, or one of the four seasons; something like A Week Next Wednesday, or Ages Till Dinnertime is perfect. And last, record an album, usually with Ed Rose or Jim Robbins, filled with songs called things like ‘All The Cool Kids Hate Me,’ or ‘Voted Least Likely To Have Any Friends,’ and bingo! It’s easy!

Thankfully for Breaking Pangaea, they’ve neglected to follow rules one and two, as there are only two of them. Sadly, they, like so many of their peers, they do fall victim to rule number three. With heart rending lyrics like ‘I wanted to tell you it was love, but I was ashamed,’ (from ‘Worst Part’) or ‘I’m better off being without you, without you,’ (from ‘Better Off’) you know what you’re letting yourself in for almost as soon as the EP starts.

Still, the songs aren’t actually all that bad. There are only five of them for a start, and none of them are stinkers. Opening track ‘Worst Part’ certainly doesn’t live up to its name (ho ho) and track four, ‘Closer’ is a strong effort as well.

This is a pretty popular sound at the moment, think a less poppy Rival Schools, or Hot Rod Circuit meets Taking Back Sunday. And if you already like any of these bands then Breaking Pangaea should be right up your street. For me, they just didn’t do it.

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