A horrible hack

Aim of Conrad


Year Released: 2003
Format: 7"
Label: Watson And The Shark
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
I like this a lot. First time I put it on I went "hmm" and nearly didn't bother keeping it, but I persisted and gave it a bit more of a chance. And this was a good thing. The main reason I didn't think I would like it was the sass vocals. Ooh, he's the sass indeed. I can picture him in tight black trousers on stage shaking a tambourine and pouting. Ha ha. Basically, for a reference, the singing sounds like the sung bits on the most reason Orchid record, though sometimes he gets snarly like the guy in Hail Mary would. And in the background are occasional more hardcore shouty stuff. The music is melodic, groove based and pretty dancey. It sort of makes me think of Rocket from the Crypt in a way, but they have also have a fairly hardcore type sound fitting in with bands like Transistor Transistor (who they recently shared a split record with) and are adept at breaking things down or getting all complex. The bass and drums provide a pretty thumpin' rhythm which keeps things going on amidst the singer going "oooh" and "yeah" and all that.

Tight, fun, danceable and rocking. A very worthwhile 7".

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