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Horace Goes Skiing

Yeah Right Sure

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Pop Kid
Reviewed by Simon Graver on Jun 13, 2007
So it goes that this CD has been sitting around for months. From summer 2002 to be precise. I lost my mobile months ago, and only recently got round to cancelling the contract. I needed $10 to order the new Copperpot ‘Tired of Waiting’ CDEP, but that took me months to get the money and send for the CD. My sister wants some money from me. I can’t even remember what it is for, but she assures me I owe her. If I remember, I better write her a cheque after I finish this…yeah right sure. I’ll get round to everything one day. So here’s one to cross off the list…

‘Yeah Right Sure’ starts off well enough with ‘5.65 keep breathing’, a track which would have sat nicely on 1997’s classic ‘Domestic Violence’ 7” (which is included as a bonus on this CD). The trouble is, by the time I had listened to the remainder of this album it is apparent that HGS haven’t delivered the record I was hoping them to. ‘5.65 keep breathing’ aside, there are no real standout tracks just some pretty average pop-punk. The final 4 bonus tracks are taken from the ‘Domestic Violence’ 7” and one listen to ‘Input=Output’, ‘Inhaler’ or ‘Ignore the Screaming’ and I wish HGS had made an album full of these songs. Shame.

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