A horrible hack

The Pettit Project

Be mine… If It's Not Too Much Trouble…

Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Affluence Music Group
Reviewed by Simon Graver on Jun 13, 2007
Right, I'm going to Canada. The reason? Well for one, this is the kind of record that makes you want to buy a plane ticket to Canada just to see them play. And two, I doubt that The Pettit Project will be playing anywhere near here anytime soon.

I like movies too…! Keep an eye out for these: Ichi the Killer, City of God, Donnie Darko, Sex and Lucia and about a million others…

Looks as though someone or all of this band could be a movie nut, there's a few movie samples scattered throughout but the only one I think I know is after track 9. Is it from 'The Big Lebowski'? Not too sure about the others though. Wait!!! Is the sample at the end of track 6 from 'Bring It On'? What a bad movie regardless. Plus the track 'I'm Down With That' reminds me of my Cyborg/Bloodsport VHS double bill that is sitting somewhere gathering dust. I remember exactly where it was purchased from and how much. It came from Odham's video club as part of an introductory offer where you could get any movie for free; you only had to pay £1.95 towards postage and packaging with no obligation to buy any other videos. That must have been about 11 years ago now, when I was about 13 or so. I had to persuade my mother to buy it for me though, because you had to be 18 years old to join. She figured there would be a catch, 'you don't nothing for free in this world', she probably said to me. As it turned out there was no catch and that was that, I got my free video, received a few magazines in the mail and pretty soon they went out of business. I guess everyone got his or her free video and never brought anything else. Perhaps the owners of Odham's should have paid more attention in their business class, if they even attended one at all. My taste in movies has changed somewhat since those teen years and I'm quite surprised I still have those Van Damme epics knocking around. The reason I still have it is probably because it is one of the earliest memories I have of buying a movie (Technically, my mother was the member of Odham's video club and sent the cheque to pay for it, but I gave my mum the £1.95, so it counts OK). But there is one movie from way back, even before my teen years that I still watch regularly. 'Robocop' is still a big favourite of mine, it was the perfect video to watch at my friend Peter's 8th birthday party (I was 9). That was the best party I've ever been to in my life. The best part was when one of the other kid's mother complained that we would be watching 'Robocop'. I suppose 8 and 9 year olds watching an '18' certificate movie sits uncomfortably with some people. Her son ended up missing out on all the fun. I wonder what happened to him? And now…I have the Criterion DVD of 'Robocop' sitting proudly on my shelf, and I never tire watching it over and over again. Hopefully this is a CD that I will never tire listening to, I've played it countless times since I got it in the mail 4 days ago, but will I be listening to it when I am 39? I don't know, but right now I'm going to keep listening to it then book a flight to Canada…

File under Power Pop of the big sing-a-along chorus type, with keyboards and dual male vocals plus female vocals and, oh loads of other neat stuff. If this sounds like it might float your boat, go get this. Trust me.

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