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The German Exchange


Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Well, one way to get my attention is to send your record for review wrapped up in a piece of screenprinted cloth because I will straight away presume that your band is going to be like Indian Summer or something and cause me to wet my pants. Of course, once I put your CD on and find it's nothing at all like Indian Summer I get quite irate. They even use a broken typewriter font, talk about misleading me! At least the music is not too bad after all.

The German Exchange is an indie rock band, quite basic and straight forward in the most part but in a nice way, like how "Nothing Feels Good" is a ridiculously simple and childish record, yet also one of my absolute favourites. The German Exchange have a sort of Promise Ring style bounce on opener "the National" but they also have some rather effected vocals. I bet this is one of those bands that people say "SOUNDS LIKE GANG OF FOUR!" about. Have you noticed how many bands claim they sound like Gang of Four lately? I have a Gang of Four LP but I can't remember what it sounds like. Anyway, the German Exchange's songs are quite varied and did retain my attention which is a good thing!. "Look At The State of You" has a really cool melodic emo break half way through and is again scooting around with a bouncy bassline and a fair amount of catchiness. I just figured out a contemporary band that they sound like: INTERPOL. I like Interpol, but it is not cool to like Interpol at all apparently. Yeah, I think if you like Interpol you will probably like the German Exchange too.

Well, I can't say that musically this is the kind of thing I go nuts for, but it ain't too shabby at all. I liked it and I still think the screenprinted piece of bandage or whatever is super ace. Personally, I recommend the band listen to some Indian Summer and perfect a style of music more suited to such apparel, but I won't be offended if they don't.

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