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That Fateful Day


Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Tom Sloan on Jun 13, 2007
I am confused at how their website compares their sound to that of Thursday and Quicksand, the first comparison leaping into my mind rather with defunct brit melodic riff-based rockers Kerbdog. Then again I’m frequently told I’m crap with band comparisons, although I would liken the vocal style very much with that band. I’m also not sure exactly how emo That fateful Day really are, and whether they need to bill themselves as such. Sure, they pull off some really quite pleasant vocal harmonies most affective as with the female vocals in the first track, and employ welcome intermittent background screams, but emocore in the vein of Thursday they ain’t. They are, however, promising, and display potential in places on the cd. ‘Disconnect’, whilst fairly basic, soars away on the chorus, and closer ‘Variant’ sounds honed and accomplished in a similar streak to the opener.

Hold on! The opening to ‘Drive Thru’ sounds suspiciously similar to the opening track on the first Kids Near Water ep…and the verse on ‘Variant’ also sounds like the verse to that song. Ok, so all my comparisons are going to do is piss people off, but it is worth saying that if That fateful Day are to be lumped into same pool as these kinds of bands, they don’t yet pack the punch and powerful melodious highs of their peers. However, you get the impression that the potential for this isn’t entirely out of their grasp by any means.

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