A horrible hack

The Attika State


Year Released: 2003
Format: CDR
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Three songs here from a melodic UK band that mixes up the strains of indie rock with chuggier mtv-mo post-hardcore guitars to create a sound that you will hear being played throughout the small towns of the UK, where "emo" boys gather to ply their trade. It's extremely standard, with the pre-requisite nice and twinkly break down parts being thrown in amongst the bits where the boys get to close their eyes and jump around on the stage. It has whimpering vocals and Texas is the Reason and Sensefield style rocking. The singing is too clean cut and smooth for me personally, ready for radio rather than reducing you to rubble. The band seem to be very competent at doing this kind of stuff which I would classify as "Emo Diaries"-esque. It does little or nothing for me (this kind of music killed mid-west emo), as it fails to flick any switches in my head and doesn't play with my emotions. I guess that could simply be due to the fact that I heard the bands that originated this style at a certain point in my life, and if I was hearing them for the first time now I would not be particularly moved by them either. Whatever. The Attika State are a solid, cookie cutter post-hardcore indie rock band, there is nothing remotely new going on here that you can't hear done better by some band 6+ years ago, but if you enjoy the music that Deep Elm puts on them dang old diary things then I think these folks will be up your street. Whilst I and anyone sensible would simply just listen to Christie.

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