A horrible hack

Ben Grim


Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Tony Era on Jun 13, 2007
This is a release of a band that has long split up but I’m really glad it has been released. Boss Tuneage do these releases every now and then but unlike some other labels (mentioning no names) their re-releases or posthumous releases are nearly all brilliant and stuff that deserves to be heard. If this isn’t a main reason of running a label then I don’t know what is.

Anyway, on to the music. This is pop-punk plain and simple and this collects all of the bands recorded output and a couple of 4 track demos. However, it is played with passion, spirit and fun whilst still keeping an independent spirit. In my opinion this music started because people felt that punk could still be punk without the macho ness and anger that plagued the early days. Enough of the history lesson though!

This is one of the hardest pop-punk albums I’ve heard in a while, anyone who thinks this music is wimpy and watered down is mistaken. The lyrics as expected deal with relationships, good times and having fun. There are great harmonies throughout and the guitar, bass and drums interplay, weave and just plain rock out without taking a breath.

The music itself reminds me of many bands such as ‘Descendents’, ‘Bad Religion’, early ‘Blink 182’ (they used to be great you know!) and even modern day bands such as ‘The Unknown’. In fact they seem to have a big connection with the Unknown, both bands were around when punk broke and both bands could have been huge. But they understood the values of the music which people started making money off. I really respect that people did and still play this music with the zest that makes it a special genre when done right.

I only have one major problem with this, the booklet. I didn’t know this band when they around and I obviously won't now so it would have been great to have some information about the band, what releases the songs came from some stories or something, anything! But nothing. Level Plane set the standard for these kinds of releases with Saetia’s ‘A Retrospective’ but even they let themselves down with the Neil Perry discography that again had no information at all. But I’m digressing, in future it would be nice to have some info because its unlikely to be available anywhere else.

You like pop you will like this. You like punk you will like this. In fact, if you like great, honest and fun music you will probably love this. Congratulations Boss Tuneage you’ve done it again. A great release from a great label.

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