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Seein' Red - Judas Iscariot


Year Released: 1999
Format: LP
Label: Mountain
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Woah, Seein' Red just blast. Pure unadulterated, incendiary hardcore punk rock done like it should be done. They just unload the guitars out of the van (record sleeve), set up (put the record on the turntable) and rock out (set the arm in motion). Yeah, many of the 11 tracks here are very similar in sound, but it's a cool style for anyone who likes their hardcore straight up and aggressive. The type of music that makes you want to wreck your bedroom in a fit of excitement. Not normally my style of choice, but that doesn't stop me appreciating this one. Features up front political lyrics for the shit givers. They feature some cool inspiring samples of Geordies from some play or something. Btw, Geordies, a long with their Sunderland neighbours should know better than to display so much pathetic hate for each others cities and football teams purely due to the happenstance of being born in a certain place. Whatever, both their teams suck and will never amount to anything anyways.

I've listened to the Judas Iscariot side a few times, and they disconcert me. Unfortunately, not always in a good way. I can't really figure them out. They start of with some suitably off-kilter hardcore punk rock on "the Godliest God", with rumbling basslines, and some just awesome drumming that absolutely makes the song, and follow it up in a kind of Refused stylee with "Sheep". A good start. And then there is some fun free-form jazz with some trumpet played by what sounds like a guy who is running around the studio, chasing the guitarist or something. But after that track, that's practically the last we here of the spastic jazz. Why couldn't they implement it into their songs? The crazed trumpet comes back for "Thespian Imperative", but that's it. Instead, they appear content to pursue their offbeat hardcore punk leanings. They still pull off great basslines and awesome drumming, mixing it in with some pretty neat song structures that remind me of Car versus Driver, but you kind of get the feeling that they have more to offer here. Ah, the last song has just come on, and I remember now why I am bummed out with Judas I. It's because this song fucking rules more than the others! Slow, meandering talky hardcore in the Moss Icon vein that breaks into some heavy screamy parts every now and again. I guess if you take their individual songs, they rock muchly. But as a whole, it falls down a little. Oh well.

Interesting split with 2 good bands. But it doesn't quite hit me in the right spot, maybe it will do it for you.

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